Wednesday as I sat at my desk plugging away at a big project that was feeling never ending, I looked up to see this:


Two men suspended from the building as they washed the windows on the top floor of our building. Very high up. (yes the one guy was taking pics of his buddy)

I stopped and said a little prayer, “thank you God that I don’t have to do work like that in the windy and hot sun. Thank you that my husband and dad don’t. Thank you that those men have jobs they seem to be enjoying.”

Stuff like that is always a good reminder that while you may not dig everything all of the time, chances are your gig works for you the majority of the time and it probably is pretty sweet. Mine is.

I thought about them and thought maybe they loved being out and about, away from the confines of an office. I know my dad enjoyed working outside in the sweltering El Paso sun (although he probably preferred it a little less on the sweltering side).

I thought about the sacrifices we all make to provide for our families. I was reminded how lucky I am to have a dad who worked (and still does) so many long hours to provide for us and a husband who works hard for our little family.

And it all put things in perspective and I went back to work, in my air conditioned office, listening to music while sipping cold water, and smiled.

Happy Labor Day Weekend, friends.


2 thoughts on “Perspective.

  1. I think about stuff like this sometimes too! Even if those people are happy doing exactly what they’re doing – I still do say a silent prayer that I’m not in the situation and neither are the ones dear to me. It’s always nice to be reminded to be thankful. 🙂

    • Exactly, right? Maybe they love it. Maybe they’re grateful. But when I say an elderly person doing manual labor (or having to work at all) it sometimes makes me a bit sad. But definitely a good reminder!

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