Awesome or Not?

I don’t like wasting my money on stuff that isn’t awesome. But I am happy to spend money on stuff that is. Problem is, I never know what to try so I like tips! So here are mine, and feel free to share your awesome finds below!

NOT awesome.


TOMS linen ballet flats. Gah how I wanted those things before they came out. I never buy pricey shoes. Ever. But oh how I wanted them so I decided to *gasp* splurge on a fashion purchase of my own. FAIL.

Oh how the fail. I’ve gone through TWO pairs of them. The soles started coming undone on both of them. Luckily, TOMS has a super awesome Warranty Department and now I’m getting them replaced with some nifty purple cords (see below) just in time for fall! I give up. No more linen TOMS for me.

Tresemme Heat Protection Spray. Save your money. That stuff is garbage. I bought it because my favorite (see below) was out. I ended up returning it because it didn’t make my hair shiny or smooth and I was a static-clingy mess.  Organix Flat Iron Spray is where it’s at for me. Smells delicious and leaves your hair all silky and shiny.

What IS awesome.


Birchbox has opened my world to new beauty stuff. Since I don’t make it to the makeup counter too often, I don’t often try many new things. Birchbox is a “sample” pack of goodies sent straight to your door for $10 a month. It’s awesome! Some of the goodies are full size products. I love mail and this is guaranteed happy mail. Two of my favorite new things were in that pack.

Stainiac by The Balm (in Beauty Queen). It’s awesome. It’s a lip and cheek tint, but I’ve only used it on my lips. It works great! It’s dry so you put chapstick over, but it still stays pink. Love it.

Sumita Brow Set. Oh concealer, you have become my best friend. First I found Clinique’s under eye concealer. What a difference. And now this? Who knew that a quick highlight under the brow line made such a difference? (I’m assuming that’s what it’s for.) Clearly I have kids.

So don’t forget! Share your favorites! Till next time, I’m on the hunt for awesome and steering clear of the not. I hope.

*no one paid me to write about any of this stuff. i just don’t want you to buy bad stuff.


What do YOU have to say?

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