New Year’s Resolutions

Ah my friends, it’s that time again and the sweltering summer has led us to a new school year.

I have one baby getting ready to transition to the Toddler class (cue sad crying because she’s the youngest and one of the only girls) and the other is headed to first grade. How? How?! Sigh.

I used to love back to school. I was a nerd. I loved the school supply shopping, and of course the new clothes. There’s something about the new beginning and the chance at starting the year fresh. I always said I was going to study harder and never miss class. Yeah…

The ideas and goals for the school year are always many, but just like New Year resolutions, there usually done for by the time the first six weeks are over. You know, like in law school when the garage was incredibly packed then after the first couple months not so much? Like that. Not that I ever did that. Noooo. Never. Or not mostly.

Ava kept a pretty solid routine (other than a later start) since we work and she had to go to summer program at school. But we did get in the bad habit of too much tv and the summer traffic led me to a much later wake up time. Now real rush hour is back and I’m ready to start the year off right too. So we’ve come up with a few new plans around here.

*Prepping is king. When we get home, she’ll get the day’s stuff unpacked and pack for the next. I’ll try to iron at night. Pack my breakfast, lunch and cups (to drink coffee and water at the office) and whatever work junk so it’s sitting by the front door.

*No tv till after she’s eaten, done any homework, and showered. She still has a 7:00 bedtime.

*For me: gotta wake up earlier. Half the battle is dealing with Allie when I’m getting ready so if the job is done before she’s up? All the better.

*Meal planning. I’ve never actually done this before but I have a nifty notebook. It would probably be a good idea.

Somewhere I’ll fit exercise in there. Maybe after the knee is back off the reserved list. But for now it’s just about trying to reduce the crazy. I hate how rushed our evenings feel and then I’m exhausted.

So like those resolutions in college, we shall see how long this lasts. I’m definitely open to suggestions.


4 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Somehow we blinked and both Sarah and Ava are first graders. So wrong. I love that pic you posted on Instagram of the girls this morning – Allie with her hair pulled into a half pony was just too sweet. Best of luck with your resolutions – we have our own over here too!

    • Honestly. How did it happen? Our sweet babies are growing and all I want is for her to stay my sweet innocent baby. And yet she keeps growing and becoming her own little person. Guess I’m doing my job. Sign.

  2. Shh, the secret is to get all their clothes out the night before. Get everything , including the socks and the shoes, out and stacked on the dresser. Choosing the matching hair thingies the night before reduces the morning melt downs.
    Happy new school year.

    • Yes! That really helps just having the clothes out and ironed. But oh this girl and her change of wardrobes.

      Thanks for commenting!

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