Wordless(ish)Wednesday: Birthday!

So Sunday’s birthday post was pretty heavy. But my birthday really was good. And I wanted to show you!  We started in true Jess fashion: FOOD.  A big country breakfast at Cracker Barrel, complete with ham, grits and fried apples.  We don’t live that close to one, so this was a special treat. Allie sat in a big girl chair and she went town on my breakfast with me. Hashbrown casserole and biscuits is where it’s at for her.

We wandered some stores, I came home with a new friend. Then to keep it country, we paid a little visit to Cabela’s. I like to think of it as a free non-smelly, air conditioned zoo.  We checked out the aquarium and the “stuffed friends.”  Allie loved looking, but put her down to walk near them? Yeah, notsomuch.

After that? Maxing and relaxing.  Also in true Jess fashion, I started packing for vacay.  I like to get things done early! It used to be because of the excitement and anticipation.  True story: my parents used to let me call and make reservations at our favorite hotel in Ruidoso when I was like 13. I had the number memorized.  So many great memories there growing up.  Anyway, so now I have a job. And kids. And responsibilities, so this is more out of necessity.  No time at night and the trip is fast approaching. LISTS! Make all the lists! More on the trip later…


4 thoughts on “Wordless(ish)Wednesday: Birthday!

    • Why thank you! I absolutely love my pretty new friend. I still sniff on it and love the buttery leather. I’m a sucker for a great purse.

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