Great Kindness Challenge

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Allie’s daycare is awesome. We love it.  And last week they left a checklist in our box telling us how we could participate in “The Great Kindness Challenge.”

What is that you ask? It’s a chance for people to do random acts of kindness for others. They can be for strangers, for family, or for people in your everyday life (like teachers!).   There’s a long list on the website with tons of great ideas.  I was sold. Because I love stuff like that. All the time.

I think we forget that the smallest token of kindness can make a huge difference in the life of someone who is having a crappy day. Buying a coffee for the person behind you in line.  Sending someone a thoughtful (and unexpected) note. Bringing in the neighbor’s trash. Checking in on a loved one.

Ava has had issues recently that normal 6.5 year olds do.  Why isn’t it all about me? We mailed a care package of hand me downs to my niece.  “But that’s my costume tiara!”  I explained she didn’t need it and didn’t use it.  I explained we share.  We do things to make others happy.  She responded, “but I sent her a card and she didn’t even write back!”  After telling her that she didn’t know how to read yet, I started reminding her that’s not why we do things.  She knows better and has the biggest heart, but at this age reminders are a good thing.

Me:  Do you remember when I gave that man on the side of the road the food and the money?
Ava: Yes.
Me: Do you think I expected him to do anything for me?
Ava: No.
Me: Did you write a letter back to Grampy after he wrote you one? Do you think he’s going to be angry and never write to you again? Of course not.

So we accepted that challenge–it was time to remind her that we choose to do things for others. We have to give back. So we did something so simple, yet so appreciated.  We went to Sam’s and picked up 2 huge tray of pastries to surprise each of the girls’ classrooms on Friday morning.

Ava was so proud to deliver the treats.

The reaction? Awesome. Absolutely warmed my heart.  A teacher I don’t know stopped me the next day and said how much she truly appreciated the breakfast.  I explained it was the least I could do for the people who do an amazing job taking care of my baby and helping her grow each day.

When I picked up Ava from school today?  A beautiful Thank You card was waiting for us next to the sign in sheet. Melt.

What are you gonna do to take the challenge?


2 thoughts on “Great Kindness Challenge

  1. Oh, I love this! It’s a great idea and the way you executed was just perfect. I actually sent a bunch of handwritten notes to friends around the country last week. Was just remembering the value of “good mail” and friendship. I’ll do more of that!

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