• I’m loving my new blogging space. I’m loving all the ideas that are flowing and stuff I want to share. It’s nice to be back in the zone. For me.  If people join for the ride, awesome.
  • I’m sad the premier season of Dallas is over! That show? AMAZING. Did I say amazing? Because I cannot wait till January to watch season 2.  We’re heading to Dallas next month and now I am pretty sure we have to stop by Southfork. Again.  Also? I’m pretty sure I’m over planning for a very short weekend get away.
  • Still trying to be good and be healthy.  Today? Not so good in the progress.  It’s hard stuff sometimes. But I’m definitely making progress.
  • I’m trying to figure out how to live in 2012. We just got AT&T Uverse and DVR. I know, for people who watch a lot of tv and have all the Apple, we didn’t have a DVR. All those channels and OnDemand and I still couldn’t find much to watch last night.  Instead I was mesmerized surfing the internet from bed for the first time in ages. Our service with TWC was horrible and the signal was so bad and slow.
  • Counting down till the big 3-2. On Sunday. And then vacay!!! I’m secretly hoping that the Disney reservation man knew that I wasn’t kidding when I said that my birthday was a week before we head up there. (They always ask if you are celebrating something.)  Because I’d totally love a Disney celebration at Planet Hollywood.
  • I’m ready for the Olympics to be over.  I know, how un-American. It’s just not my cup of tea. Tired of hearing about it.
  • Looking forward to a visit from my dad over Labor Day.  And my bff from law school and her family will be in town that weekend too. YAY!!!  What diet?
  • Looking forward to March 2013.  Blissdom. I may not be the world’s best blogger, but I will get to squish on a bunch of friends that live in my computer.  SUPER pumped.
  • Loving my new hair cut.  Thanks to the fabulous Maddie at Jose Luis Salon. For serious, go check her out if you’re in Austin. Love her.  How do they always do such an amazing job when you leave? I think it’s a guarantee that you’ll come back.  Or that you won’t wash your hair for like 3 days so you don’t ruin it.

i know. lame. self portrait in the car. but it’s the obligatory post haircut shot. (be glad the filter kept you from seeing my bloodshot eyes. thanks allergies!)


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