Dallas. Best.Show.Ever.

thanks for the recap wikipedia

My mom used to watch Dallas. I think I was born during the season that JR was shot. I never actually watched it, because duh I was a baby and it wouldn’t have been good parenting to watch that drunk Sue Ellen or JR and his canoodling. But the summer I was studying for the bar, I started watching it on Soapnet. I remember calling my mom and picking her brain about who did what and why. I started from the first episode and watched all the time.

Maybe it’s because it was her thing. And it made it our thing. I loved calling her to talk about it. I’m sure half the time she felt horrible and sick from her chemo or just tired from work and life. But she always stopped and chatted with me. Searching her brain for answers to my stupid and mindless questions.

that’s just us sitting on Miss Ellie’s porch. and Ava with Jock’s Cadillac

I even took Ava to South Fork a few years ago. Wasn’t she so tiny? Also, she liked to pick her clothes. Yeah, heart leggings, striped shirt and leopard shoes. With socks.

Now Dallas is back. And let me tell you.




In life.

Oh my gosh. From the first day I heard it was coming back? I was psyched. I *might* have the Dallas theme song as my ringer for my phone. And it was totally there before the show started.

I watched the first episode and was hooked. It is just as good as the original. Maybe even better. The drama! The scandal! Phew. It’s too much. But I loved it.

The season finale was on tonight. Despite being exhausted and sick and thinking I was just gonna watch it later online, I was hooked the first 2 minutes. Then I started texting with my sweet friend LeeAnn all the way in Atlanta. It was awesome. I might have cried at least 6 times. I jumped. I clapped. I gasped. I was damn proud to be in Texas. And when I saw my law school, SMU? Ahhh! I AM TEXAS!! (you gotta watch)

Seriously folks, if you aren’t watching, you’re missing out. Maybe someday Ava will watch this. It’ll be that crazy vintage show her mama watched.

We’re headed back to Dallas next month. We are SO gonna work this into our visit. SO SO SO. Be ready for the photo bomb, my friends. And start watching Dallas. They’re back in January. You can bet I’ll be on my couch waiting.

best show ever in life.


One thought on “Dallas. Best.Show.Ever.

  1. I’ve been very busy lately, and have really been letting my television watching slip. I wanted to watch the new Dallas — but I didn’t think it had even started yet, nevermind just having wrapped up the first season.

    I remember learning to play the theme song on piano, and that was when I actually started to think that I was an actual musician.

    I’ll find a way to catch up.

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