Cardboard Box Diet: Week 2

I made it through week one! And I’ve gotta say, I was pretty successful at my task. I’m so glad I decided to join in Lauren’s “Cardboard Box Diet.” It’s exactly what I needed.

I still didn’t get any extra exercise, but I’ve also been sick. And J’s been out of town so even if I wasn’t sick, going on a nighttime walk wasn’t an option. Still no running on account of the gimpy knee.

But my goal was cleaner eating. I’m not exactly making the most healthy stuff at all times, but I am cooking. I’m also not stuffing my face because it’s there. I threw away a half cake so I wouldn’t eat it just because I could. I know, that’s wasteful but neither Ava nor I needed it and J was out of town. We got some deliciousness out of it.

    • Weigh-in: As of this morning, I’m down. It’s gotta be a fluke, but definitely down.
    • Exercise completed: Absolutely squat. I carry a baby around. Same as last week.
    • Splurge/Guilty Pleasure: We ate out for dinner on Sunday night. That was unplanned but after a crazy afternoon it was awesome. I had chicken nachos and a coke. But it’s not like they were from Taco Bell, at least. And this morning I had a cinnamon crunch bagel from Panera (best ever in life) and a fat free latte. Mama deserves a great when she’s suck. (see there’s that treat logic associated with eating. At least it’s less frequent)

cinnamon crunch FOR THE WIN

    • Success story: I did not eat out for breakfast or lunch! It helps that the new cafeteria owners downstairs are not quite as adept as the old, but still! And last night I made cookies. I used the toaster so the max I could limit how many I could bake. I only made 4 (refrigerated cookie dough) and I only ate 2!

toaster ovens are magical

  • Recipes:Still loving the fridge oatmeal. I made some chicken breasts, chopped them up, added half a package of fat free cream cheese and fresh chopped green chiles. Heated in a pan, no oil, no butter. Mix and add to corn tortillas, then roll into a taquito. I baked them! I didn’t even fry them! Granted I was in a rush so it was more like lack of options but they were delicious.

6 thoughts on “Cardboard Box Diet: Week 2

  1. Came across your page through LFT. I’m going to have to try fridge oatmeal. Everyone I know that has tried it, really loves it. Can’t wait to follow your journey.

    • Thanks! It’s so easy. This way I have no excuse to buy breakfast tacos in the morning. I just grab a container and go. I usually make about 3 days worth at a time.

  2. Welcome to the club 🙂
    Great job preparing meals in advance!
    Being a Mama takes time and energy! Then when it comes to dinner… that’s the last thing you want to put thought into. Keep it up!
    I’m trying to get better at prepping food for the day, bags of veggies and fruit and healthy snacks. If that’s in front of me and ready to be eaten, I’m more likely to fill my mouth with that than something I shouldn’t.

    I’m glad to have you join us!

    • Thanks for such a great welcome! I have been trying to do more food prep in advance. The fewer excuses for nt grabbing a healthy choice, the better!

  3. That Panera looks delicious. I love Panera. Good for you on the not eating out! It is so hard for me!!! I am terrible about preparing my meals in advance to take to work with me. That will take you far on this endeavor 🙂

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