I’ve had about 100 email addresses. Seriously.  I had one in high school (back when email was just becoming interesting). Then I had one in college, because of course it had to incorporate my new school and my sorority.  Then it changed again. And another platform. And again. Then another username. And again.

Seriously, my dad even started adding the year next to my name so he’d know which email address was the current one.  I’ve boiled it down and I currently only have 3. Or 4. Whatever.

And so it went with my blog.  You all have come with me since I shut down Straight Talk Jess.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with my blog, if I ever planned to blog at all.

I just knew I needed a new space. And so Just Jess was born.

Except Just Jess really wasn’t Jess.  It’s on the free WordPress site and after being hosted by Kelly at Twenty70 Hosting, it just didn’t compare. She’s AWESOME by the way if you’re looking to get your blog hosted, WordPress or not.  I emailed her and I was set up within a day. Seriously. Amazing.

Anyway…so the point of this besides that I change my mind a lot and I like pretty things?

I’m moving. Back to WordPress.

So I won’t be here anymore, but I’ll be over at Just Jess in the ATX (   I’m still trying to work out the kinks. So hopefully I can remember how I got my email subscriptions and feed to transfer.  But if not, bookmark me, throw me in your reader, or just see me on my Facebook page (which I also revived).

And of course, thank you.  Thank you for indulging me in my little place in the blog world.



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