Eating Clean.

So one of my friends is taking on a very big task. She’s reduced the list of things she eats to a mere 7 items. The idea is more than just being heathy, but simplifying all aspects of life.

There’s no way I could possibly reduce my diet (including beverages) to 7 items. But I have thought about this and realized that a lot of my eating could be revamped.

I eat when I’m bored.
I eat for comfort. (I won’t lie. I love me some good comfort food when I’m stressed or having a bad day at work.)
I eat as a reward. (I did a great job and worked hard all day? Starbucks and dessert for me!)

Am I hungry when I eat? Sure. Enough that I should be eating? Probably not.

Today I went out for some air at lunch to walk with friends so they could pick something up. I had lunch. But after seeing something good, I decided to get take out instead. Why?

Absolutely no good reason.

I’m going to try to make a change.

*No more buying breakfast during the week at work. Double benefit, eat healthier and save money.
*Bring lunch at least 3 days a week (I leave before lunch on Fridays).
*Stop drinking sodas.
*Drink way more water.
*Try cooking with more “whole” foods. Eat less processed foods (junk).

Doesn’t seem too hard at all. I realize that doesn’t actually involve eating much better, but when I’m eating food I’ve made instead of eating out, it’s likely to be a lot healthier.

Now to see how long I can make this work. Hold me to it. And of course, Vacation doesn’t count!


What do YOU have to say?

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