The Whole Foods Experiment.

whole foods through ava’s eyes

We spent our Sunday morning aimlessly wandering the new(ish) Whole Foods by the house.  It was heavenly. It was magical.  There were like 5 people shopping besides us.

I gave Ava my phone and let her take pictures.  That’s what she focused in on.  Ten different kinds of mushrooms. Beautifully fresh cut flowers.  Produce and more produce.

There’s something about  shopping at WF that makes you feel like a good parent.  Maybe it’s because the cart was filled with healthy snacks, fresh fruits and good looking meats.  No one had to know that I normally buy snacks and a whole bunch of impulse junk at the grocery store.  Or hot dogs. Or boxed mac & cheese that isn’t Annie’s.

Here?  My impulse purchase was a coconut.  Really.  Because it had a straw in it! So I could drink from it!  Yeah. That experiment worked out well.  It’s sitting full in the fridge.  note to self: get online and find uses for fresh coconut.

So on to the experiment.  There’s tons of talk about organic and whether it matters.  I’ve always said you can taste the difference in the product quality.  Try something from your local farmers market.  Then try the same type of fruit/veggie from Walmart. Yeah…not so much.

I decided to put the man to the test.  He didn’t think that it really mattered.

We had some delicious hamburgers Sunday for lunch.  Within the first two bites he was sold.  Yes, it’d be way more pricey, but the taste was amazing.

Test 2?  Marinated New York strip steaks.  We had these tonight, and OMG let me tell you.  Delicious.

Shopping there makes me want to try new things.  It makes me want to be healthier.

I feel like a choir of angels should be singing and lights illuminating all around me as I do a soliloquy a la the kid from Charlie Brown at Christmas.

It also makes me realize I’m totally not loaded and I can’t afford to buy every bit of my groceries there.  snap to reality.  That place is pricey!  cue the debate about how eating healthy is a pricey venture.

Regardless, it was a great way to spend a morning.  I’m gonna have to start taking a much closer look at what we eat.  Since I’m not running the weight, she is a finding me. The least I could  should do is eat a bit better.  Perhaps this is a challenge?

I think I’m gonna have a standing date at the quaint little market on early morning weekends.  Can’t wait to bring my dad.


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