My Gimp Update

Oh look it’s me!

So apparently there are a few meanings of “gimp” in the dictionary. I only knew it as person (or animal) with issues walking. I must have blocked out the meaning in Pulp Fiction. Anyway, we are on meaning (1) which is person who has issues with the legs. Gimpy Sue, as I affectionately call myself sometimes.

I’m still gimpy. A lot. No running. Ultrasound on my knee was negative which means nothing other than my veins aren’t falling apart. Great. I have cartilage damage, which I knew, just don’t know how bad.

I’ve been hobbling around at work when I get up from sitting. It’s quite attractive. I don’t wear heels. I wince going up the stairs. Tylenol has become my best friend on the bad days. Luckily they haven’t been as horrible lately. It’s also been about a month since I’ve gone running.

To say it’s obnoxious that my knees hurt is an understatement. I miss running. Like crazy. I still get jealous seeing all the people run in the neighborhood but I’m not stupid enough to go out there again. I haven’t gotten desperate enough. Not yet.

My doctor said, “sounds like running is not your sport.”  More news I already knew. Thanks dude.

But when I was sitting at the doctor waiting for all my scans, I realized my annoyance that keeps me from running is an insignificant drop in the bucket.

I can walk.

I am healthy.

I am not fighting cancer.

It kind of puts things in perspective. So when I’m whining about not being able to run, I try to think of the people in the waiting room and snap myself out of it.

It’s all matter of perspective.


5 thoughts on “My Gimp Update

  1. Well Jess you have company! I had been having trouble as well and went in Friday to see Dr. Now I have to go to the Ortho. I either have a torn ligament or a broken medial miniscus…. That’s what I get for being clumsy! But you’re right…small potatoes!!! Get well soon! Love ya KC

    • I’m right there with you! I go in the 26th to the Ortho. I don’t think I have anything torn, but if I do, at least that’s fixable and then I can run again 😉

    • Thanks dude. It’s kinda funny how it takes a couple people who have it way worse than you and you snap it into gear. Remind me of that sometime, ok?

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