More than just a pretty Pin.

So I’ve been all about seeing what I can see on Pintetest lately. The baby has been sick and it gets boring all alone at 2:00am. And 3:00. And, well you get it. Anyway, I actually tried some of the stuff I pinned instead of imagining how cool it would be if I did.



I even have a couple things I did without the aid of Pinterest. Gasp!

I didn’t actually get this recipe off of Pinterest but put it together after reading a bunch of random google topics.

My rings and earrings were the funk. But making time to get them cleaned at the mall? Ha! So I mixed:

A cup of hot water (2 mins in microwave) and a very large tea spoon (literally a large eating utensil, not measuring teaspoon) of baking soda. It fizzes all bubbly and you toss in the goods.

Let them soak a couple minutes and you’ll see all the gross chunks float away. I used an old toothbrush and scrubbed. My ring needed heavy duty help so I added a small spoon of baking soda and a drop of dish soap and mixed and tossed it back in.

Voila! Done. I’m all Pinteresty.

I tried to make my tees vintage. That was a fail. Maybe I needed more salt or something but really I just wasted 3 days and a cup of salt. Either way that’s a bummer because I love a good vintage soft tee. And now they feel gross and I have to wash them again.

I also washed my TOMS. Easy enough. They’re drying on the floor now. No vent! Not outside! No dryer! Sheesh.

And of course this idea I had to steal from daycare. It’s a million degrees with humidity here in Austin so this is a fun, cool activity.


best store ever = HEB

Pour water into ice cube trays. Add food coloring. Freeze. Break out the paper and watch their faces while they paint with the chilly ice. Boom. Be sure the kids are wearing clothes you don’t mind getting stained.

And I’ve mastered the perfect 6 year old girl birthday party gift. I don’t like giving junk they may or may not use or buying gift bags that’ll go in the trash. Instead I buy a reusable tote (this one was from Walmart for $5) or a reusable shopping bag from the Target $1 aisle. Get a book or two, and stuff to write or draw. I’ve also used baskets. Just anything except for a crappy gift bag. I’ve done an all Hello Kitty one (thanks Target) and a beach one is easy right now.

chalk, markers, crayons, clay, book, coloring book, pencil case

finished product (tag is personalized Valentine’s Day cards with Ava on them)

Ok, now I feel the need to go to Michael’s and be all crafty. Or something. Happy pinning!


8 thoughts on “More than just a pretty Pin.

  1. I cooked a recipie off Pinterest and it rocked our socks off. I’ve made it twice, so delish! I’ve done a couple crafty things as well & I’ve loved them, too. Have you seen that blog, Pintester? She tests pins and is beyond funny!

    • YES. That blog is hilarious! Also I’ve made some of that buffalo crock pot chicken which is fantastic. And I’ve made…I think that’s about it 🙂

    • I just imagine the clothes. Just look at this and you can imagine that’s how I dress in real life. But then when you see me don’t shocked I’m in a tank top and running shorts.

    • I actually don’t even know. I just use now so I don’t have plugins, I think it’s the wordpress automatic comment system.

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