Remember that one time…

the dogs pooped at night and then I had to clean it up at 2 in the morning and it was so very awesome but not?

Allie has been having issues sleeping.  Teeth, sick, bitterness that she’s always slept alone in her crib and Ava never had to. Who knows.  But the last few nights she’s been sleeping through the night, which is obviously awesome.

But she does this one fun thing. She cry/screams. So then I wake up.  But she doesn’t.  Honest Toddler explained it perfectly.  When I read this I thought, “Allie? Did you steal my iPhone and learn to type?!”

Anyway, so last night she did her “cute” little cry. And then silence.  Oh well, better than the alternative.

Except then I heard those moron dogs of mine scraping the floor of the kennel.  Because those dumb dogs moved their pillowy dog beds.  Idiots.

So I got up finally to shut them up. I found a t-shirt to put around the plastic floor.

And then I wanted to vom because I realized one of those idiots pooped in the kennel. Which was so awesome.  At 2:30am, I {luckily remembered} turned off the alarm, let them out, then held my breath while trying not to puke. It was loads of fun.

All the while muttering obscenities under my breath so as not to wake anyone. I’m nice like that.

After taking Clorox Anywhere to the whole place and scrubbing my hands about 8000 times, I finally got the plastic kennel tray covered and locked those jerks up.  No beds for you!


More hand washing and brushing teeth because by 3:00, I’m awake and I don’t like morning breath.

Instead of getting up to blog this (which I was so tempted to do), I realized that I’m so exhausted that I’d be asleep in no time. And sure enough, I was.  Because when random crap like that happens? You take all the sleep you can get till the next episode.


3 thoughts on “Remember that one time…

  1. And now you have dashed my fantasy that dogs does poop where they sleep.
    Sorry you had that experience, but good for you for being all upbeat and awesome about it (did you catch the “cheerleader” in my voice?)

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