Old Dog, New Tricks.

So my mopey woe is me running post is past me. I’m still bummed. I still see people running in the neighborhood and get really jealous. Because, well that’ll never go away.  I’m a runner.

Anyway, so I was talking with my sweet friend Lisa and she was telling me about a ballet class she was thinking of doing.  Enter me and my overexcitement at someone wanting to do ballet, something I’ve been wanting to do for years.  I took 2 semesters of ballet in college.  It was awesome.  I saw the sign for “Adult Ballet” classes at Ava’s dance school, but honestly? Why would I go? I’d be lame going alone.  I mean, I’m old. It’s not like I could be in the recital…

Anyway, so we called and we were set. We got our ballet slippers.  It was a date.

There girls were tucked away in bed and I was ready to sneak out.  Then of course Allie woke up about 2 minutes before I was going to leave.  J got her and I left.

I was early and had time to sip a green tea on the Starbucks patio while I waited for Lisa and class.  Ahhh. It was heavenly. The heat wasn’t suffocating and the sun was setting.

more mom time. win win.

With my repurposed running pants, I went in.  (those were supposed to be my half marathon pants. boo)

ballet feet

And it was awesome.

We weren’t doing pirouettes around the room or anything,  but we did get a great workout in.  I was also reminded that I have the attention span of a gnat.  She’d show us our short routine of moves and by the time she got back from turning on the music, I’d forgotten.

really for truly dance studio!

Either way? I’ll be there next time. Expanding my horizons. And then maybe I’ll get so awesome I can be in the recital. KIDDING.


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