Throwing in the Towel (or Sad Panda)

I’ve made a decision. One that I knew needed to be made.  One that I knew would break my heart.  Sounds dramatic, no?

I’m going to stop running. For now.

It hurts. A lot. Physically.

I’ve always had issues with my legs.  Three weeks before what would have been my first marathon, while on a short 3 mile run (I was already running around 22 miles on long run Saturdays by then) I felt an odd pain about 10 minutes into what was a great run.  Little did I know that I had just stress fractured my pelvis. I can still see the exact spot where I was running in my mind.

I’ve dealt with pain and issues all along.  At 27 I was told I have pre-osteoporosis.  Awesome, right?  I had another “stress fracture” (but it was something weird more like an inflammation of the bones) while training for my first “official” half.

Two weeks ago I went out on an exciting Jess only run at the lake.  I set out and about 10 steps in I felt an odd pain in my left knee. The one that has been getting swollen and hurting for weeks now.  And I kept running. Because dammit! this was my early afternoon off and I was running the lake alone! I wasn’t going to quit 1 minute in. So I didn’t and I ran about 4 miles.  Like an idiot.

I haven’t run again since then.  Until Sunday.  When I realized less than 1/2 mile into it that I was being an idiot. Again.  It hurt. I couldn’t do this anymore.  Not for a while.

So rather than risk breaking more bones or ending up having my knees carved up at the ripe old age of almost 32, I decided to take a break.

::cue sobs and sighs::

Practical that I must be, I have to do it.  I have a two-story house (crutches and stairs probably aren’t a good mix) and a baby.  It wouldn’t be very prudent to be more damaged.

It’s just so frustrating. Tons of people HATE running. And I love it.  Sweltering heat or freezing cold, I’ll take either (but prefer a cold run).  I just got back into it now that I don’t have a child literally attached to me.  And I already have to quit.

You know me, I can’t stay sedentary.  Not for long.  Since I don’t own a bike, and buying one seems silly right now, I’m starting a new endeavor.  Swimming.

We live literally 2 minutes from the pool.  Why wouldn’t I? So I bought a real swimsuit (one-piece) to try to make myself look a wee bit more legit in front of all those awesome swim team kids and hard core swimmers.  Plus isn’t that what old people do because it isn’t hard on their bones? So yeah.  Maybe now’s my chance to learn how to swim. Better.

And I’m going to start doing yoga again. And maybe, juuuuust maybe, I’ll be geared up to run again by late fall. But I won’t hold my breath. SIIIIGH.


4 thoughts on “Throwing in the Towel (or Sad Panda)

  1. oh no! Sad panda indeed. But yoga is incredible and daaaammmmnnn hard. I hope you find something else you love just as much 🙂

    • OH I know it. Yoga is awesome. I’m hoping that I don’t suck at swimming because it seems like that’d be fun? Maybe?

  2. I have had this conversation with myself 100 times since summer started. I have issues with my knees and when I run I just put it out of my mind and then I am miserable the days after because my knees hurt so much. So much so I am headed to the vein doctor (didn’t know they existed) because I am in so much pain… lovely.
    The upside…I have been doing a TON of yoga and I love it. Seriously, I love it! Try it!
    I swam when I was pregnant with Cate and liked it! So, maybe a sprint triathlon is on the horizon for both of us!

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