The smiley lady.

There’s a lady in our neighborhood who walks daily.  There’s actually a few regulars, but she’s one that stands out in my mind.  Most people that I see out usually  have a straight face.  Even while running, I make an effort to make a smile at people and a winded “hi” as I run past them.  Most of the jerks people look at me like I’m an alien.  Sure, I probably am less than pleasant smelling and more than likely covered in sweat.  This is summer in Texas and it’s hot outside.  But so what?

Anyway, back to the smiley lady.

There’s this woman who walks and wears a too-big baseball cap, a large t-shirt, and a loose pair of pants.  She walks swinging her arms to and fro in a carefree way.  Think Phoebe, on Friends, only minus the crazy leg movements.  But she smiles and holds her chin up no matter what day or time it is. She is always. smiling.  It’s kind of awesome. Because every time I see her, she makes me smile.  Then I stop to think, wow,

1) why don’t I randomly smile all the time even when I’m by myself doing nothing?

2) how does she walk so slowly and peacefully as if she has no cares in the world?

I can’t do anything slowly, certainly not walking.  That’s kind of my signature thing. I walk like a maniac in a rush everywhere.  Even walking nowhere I still walk fast.

She just makes me think.  And she’s a reminder to chill.  And smile.


5 thoughts on “The smiley lady.

  1. I try to always be smiling — and, if I’m not smiling, but notice someone coming up, I’ll smile at them. And I, almost always, get a smile back, making me want to smile more. So, I do smile more.

    It makes the day that much easier to get along with.

    As far as someone walking about without a care in the world, sometimes I’ll catch myself doing the same – it’s usually on a weekend morning, after I’ve managed to sleep in a little, and had some physical activity that had nothing to do with running . . . I’ll be walking my dogs through the park and realize, I’m just existing — heading about without a care.

    It’s those moments that I wish I could bottle.

    • That is awesome. I need to find myself doing that more often. I do smile at people too. But I really need to just try and clear my head and “be” more. After all, we’ve got some pretty good lives, right?

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