My Mother’s Day.

I’m not a fan of Mother’s Day.  I doubt I ever will be. But it was special to Ava, which means it’s special to me because of her. The homemade gifts are so full of awesome.  So are the gifts she picked me.

This day was good. It wasn’t special because it was mother’s day, but it was a great Sunday because we got to hang out and take it easy.  Delicious breakfast takeout at the house (thanks B).  A relaxing nap with the man while baby napped.

Here’s a peek into my day.

amusing stuff at goodwill; shopping at TJ Maxx; trip to the park


Happy belated Mother’s Day to all you mamas out there. And of course, to the best mama ever.


7 thoughts on “My Mother’s Day.

  1. Glad you & your dudes made it special. I can’t wait til my kid is old enough to pick something for me!

    • thanks and ditto to you! Email me when you aren’t too busy. I’ve totally dropped the ball around here on the blog. And I’m totally ok with that 🙂

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