Big Girl.

My baby girl no longer needs me.  I mean, obviously she does.

But I’m no longer her sole source of food.

I was really nervous about how I’d wean.  I’ve  exclusively nursed Allie since she was born.  I’ve pumped since I came back to work in August.  It’s worked. But now I’m tired as the light of the end of the tunnel is approaching (she turns ONE on May 31. AGHHH).

Anyway so enter my concerns about how/when to wean.  I knew I wanted to stop pumping.  I had already started cutting her bottles with whole milk.  Leave it to Allie to take care of everything.  She decided she was done on Thursday night.  I thought maybe it was a fluke.  Friday morning, she still wasn’t having any of it.  Sadly, I knew my baby was done.

Bittersweet.  But I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I’m glad she’s done.  It’s SO nice to not have to worry about what I eat/drink, working out, pumping, people knocking on my door at work and having to awkwardly announce that I’m pumping. SO nice.

But that was our time.  My little baby needed me and only me.  It was so relaxing after a long day.  It was just me and her in our chair and I can’t even count how many times I just looked at her, touching her hair as she pawed my hands away so she could eat in peace.


But they grow up.  Just like Ava, my Allie is a big girl now.  She’s TURNING ONE people. Did I say that already?  She loves beans and rice, she loves bread, she loves pasta and red sauce. She is TOTALLY my kid.

She had a great time at the pool this weekend.  She’s standing.  She likes to play with crayons.  I got her first piece of artwork sent home from school.  She’s a big girl.

And that’s ok.  This chapter is closed, but I’m not in too big of a rush to stop the rocking her to sleep.  Sure, it’d be better if she went to sleep on her own, and in time she will–just like Ava did.  For now, I’ll take our time and cherish it.


One thought on “Big Girl.

  1. All of these milestones for our little ones are so bittersweet! R is almost two and a half. I marvel every day at all of the things he can do now — like put on his own shoes — and I am so proud! But it makes me a little sad, too, seeing him grow up right in front of me. He still looks like “my baby” but pictures tell a different story…he’s losing any resemblance to a toddler and looking more and more like a little boy!

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