Mom’s Night Out.

Mama doesn’t go out. Not because I can’t, because, well, I have no idea why.  (how’d you like those 3 commas in one short sentence?!)

But on a lovely Sunday night in April, I went out with some of my favorite people and we had some rocking pizza and enjoyed an awesome concert. It was so much fun!

Basically, it was a damn good weekend for music.

We started off when Allie went to her first concert (and she seemed to have a better time than Ava).  I’ve got to admit, I’m now a Zac Brown Band fan. For some reason he drove me nuts, he irritated me and I couldn’t quite figure out why.  And I still hate that “Chicken Fried” song, but they are amazing live.  Brother’s got skills.  “Devil Went Down to Georgia”? Holy. Crap. That was an awesome performance.  Not a bad first concert when you’re just shy of one year old.

it was really hot outside.

Then Sunday night was time for The Fray. Ahhhh. Great music. So chill.

how awesome is that scene?

grown up drinks! (h, me and l)

So anyway, more music to come. I hope.  Too bad John Mayer let me down with damaged vocal cords.  Sigh. I’ll catch the next tour. There is no doubt about that.


2 thoughts on “Mom’s Night Out.

  1. HOORAY FOR MOMMY TIME! Seriously, it’s really wonderful to know that someone is getting out & about . . . people need some time to relax and enjoy and not wipe butts. Glad you found some 🙂

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