Oh Allie.

I’m not sure what’s going on with Allie but she hasn’t been going to bed very easily. Once she gets to sleep sometimes she stays asleep for the whole night (ok, twice). That’s new for us and that was huge! For me anyway, uninterrupted night sleep is a distant memory.

Recently she’s not wanted to go to bed. Actually she goes to sleep but I can’t lay her down. I literally spent a couple of hours just trying to get her to sleep one night. I didn’t get to run, I ate dinner at 9pm. I picked it up, actually.  Maybe she’s teething. Who knows.  If I had a sharp piece of bone stabbing its way through my gums, I’d probably be pretty miserable too.

But It’s frustrating. I want her to sleep by herself and just kiss her goodnight and walk away but I can’t. As much as I try and let her cry a bit, it doesn’t work and I don’t want her screaming for hours so I hold her.  Plus she’s pretty damn stubborn.  When I let her cry it out she just gets even MORE pissed. And then I come in and get her and it takes her a good 10 minutes to calm down.

That and I know she won’t be a baby forever.  That there will be a day like with Ava where I just long to hold her and squeeze her as I watch her sleep.

When Ava was ready (she was a co-sleeper and would still sleep in our bed if we let her) she went to the crib and didn’t have any problems.  I know Allie will do the same.

I’ve mastered the art of laying her down in the last couple days and that’s helped.  It’s a crutch, I know it.  I get her to sleep.  Squish my cheeks against hers and rock her for a while. Then I carefully lay her down.  And it works.  Definitely a lot quicker than those bad nights where it took her a couple hours.

Till then, I sure have been getting a lot of reading done.  Thank you Kindle app and Austin Library e-lending program.  Silver lining, right?


6 thoughts on “Oh Allie.

  1. I used to put the side of crib down (back in the day when crib sides slid down) and actually lay some of my weight against Sarah so she’d think she was still in my arms. Then I’d ever so sloooowly inch up away from her. And my back would kill me. But she’d sleep. 🙂 Good luck, Mama!

  2. To make for the easiest bedtimes, we put on PJ’s and lie down in the master bed . . . we watch some TV, read some stories, sing some songs, and basically “chill” until it’s time to turn out the light. And then we try to get the kids to go to sleep . . . and if I’m still awake when that happens, we transfer the kids over to their beds. But, they don’t ever sleep through the night . . . and it’s a whole lot easier to deal with them in our bed than to try to get them back to sleep in their beds.

    Good luck — it’s no fun when the babies aren’t sleeping.

    • This kid doesn’t even like to sleep in our bed! I’ve tried. And tried. I will admit, it kinda was awesome cosleeping.

      She only got up once last night. I think. So baby steps…

  3. I’m new over here. I have twins, so I never cuddled or rocked them to sleep. They were terrific sleepers – but when they were bigger… I used to wish they would let me rock them. So, it is definitely a two edged sword. Good luck!

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