Dreams of sleep.

I’m tired. I’m not sure what Allie is up to, teething, getting sick again (Lord I hope not), or just missing hanging out at 1 am, but sleep is definitely hard to come by the last few days.

I was dreaming earlier about a day of uninterrupted sleep. The thought of sleeping in and going back to nap whenever I wanted was so luxurious. The idea of not being tired at all, just seems like a distant memory.

I know they’re only babies once. As it is she’s growing way too fast. I’m going to want it all back. Yesterday she tried and loved spaghetti, chicken from Chick Fil A, colored, drank water from her big girl sippy all by herself, and stood supported by her toy. It was a huge day.

So for now, I’ll settle for tired.



6 thoughts on “Dreams of sleep.

  1. Oh my gosh!! She can”t be doing all that big girl stuff already!! Love the curls too. Her cuteness alone can cancel out the not sleeping thing! Hope it does get better though. I know you are a busy girl.

  2. Why are you letting her get so big?!

    I can honestly say that I dreamed of sleep last week . . . and the dream me was terribly frustrated that I hadn’t had more sleep. It was all a very surreal moment when I woke up.

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