I’m random.

My sweet friend Mama Fisch tagged me in this 11 things thing.  Apparently you’re supposed to share 11 random things? Or things people don’t know? And then you answer the questions and come up with other questions.  So here goes.

11 Random Jess things:

  1. I don’t like to sleep with any doors or drawers open. I used to be terrified that something was in the closet and I guess that stuck with me. I even shut the girls’ closet doors at night.
  2. I can eat and immediately go to bed. Like literally have a meal, go brush my teeth and go to sleep.  I can usually do that with running too, but not a huge meal.
  3. I skipped the 2nd grade.
  4. I have to brush my teeth as soon as I wake up. Morning breath grosses me out so the first thing I do is go brush. Even if I have nothing to do, no where to go, and I’m all alone.
  5. When I had Ava, I did NOT want to breastfeed.  It was just weird to me.  I promised I’d try it for 6 weeks. It worked till she was a year.  I am still nursing/pumping Allie. I love it.
  6. I went to a health magnet high school.  I was only a nursing major for one day in college. Then I showed up for Biology and immediately dropped it. And changed my major.
  7. I do not like Indian food. At all.
  8. Swimming in a lake grosses me out. I don’t swim great, but that’s a huge reason (beside the fact I don’t actually own a bike) that I’d never want to do a triathlon.
  9. Even though I’ve run a half marathon, I just can’t bring myself to put the “13.1” sticker on my car. I feel like a failure since I didn’t actually do the marathon I was shooting for a while back.
  10. I went away to school and lived in a dorm for one semester. I’ve actually got a post brewing on that story.
  11. My mom is still programmed into my phone and in my email contacts.

11 Questions for Other People (Questions from K)

  • Is it soda or pop? Coke. And what is your favorite? Coke.
  • What is your go to outfit when you need one? TOMS and jeans. And in the summer, a tanktop.
  • Tell me what you are reading and why?  I started reading Hunger Games because of all the hype, but so far meh. I am gonna start reading Steve Jobs bio first.
  • Name a reality TV show you would like to go on?  Anything on HGTV so they’d hook up my house.
  • Tell me the best blog you read that you think I should start reading.  I honestly have so many. I love them all for different reasons. But for the sheer b!tch factor, I’d have to go with Suri’s Burn Book because you probably haven’t heard of it.  It honestly makes me smile every time I see it in my Reader.
  • If you had to move out of your current state where would you go?  If price were no object and I didn’t have to retake the bar? Probably Vancouver.  Or Boston.
  • Tell me one rule you had growing up that you will never impose on your own kids. Honestly, I don’t know. My parents were strict and I’m good with that because they were never really unreasonable.
  • What is one thing you could not live without? (It can’t be a person) Probably my phone. 
  • What’s the first thing you do in the morning? See above.
  • What would your final meal consist of? K-what a morbid question! So, how about what would your ideal meal be? Probably something Italian, or Mexican, with cheese. And definitely dessert.
  • If you had to pick a song as the “soundtrack of your life what would it be?” No clue. I love music, but honestly? I don’t always listen to the words. 

My Questions (sorry 11 is a lot so I’m just doing what my brain produces):

  1. What do you order at Starbucks?
  2. If you could go crazy at any store, which one and why?
  3. What do you do for me time (if you actually take any)?
  4. If you could go back to school (without worrying about working or tuition) would you?
  5. Did you always know you wanted to have kids?
  6. What’s the last book you read? Should I read it?
  7. Favorite movie(s) of all time?

Tagging–I know a bunch of you have already been tagged, so I’m gonna tag just a couple of yall.

  • Sara-Ninja Panza
  • Michelle-So Wonderful, So Marvelous
  • Heather-Proper Paige
  • Lisa-She Ain’t Heavy (maybe she’ll blog again someday. Fine fine, she has an excuse, she’s got a kid and she’s growing a baby, psh.)
  • Leah- She’s got a spiffy new home over at Tales From a Small Town

So if you’d like to join the random, please do! Leave a link in your comment so I can check it out!


5 thoughts on “I’m random.

  1. I’m deathly afraid of open water swimming . . . I mean, I’ll do it, and I’m actually planning on completing a sprint triathlon every day I’m on vacation at the beach, but that’s mostly a “battle my fear” tactic. And I’m insane.

    You know, I could completely picture you as a nurse. I know you’re a lawyer, but I could see you being a pretty kick-ass nurse.

    • I don’t think I could ever swim in the ocean. I’m a scaredy cat. What if the tide came and swept me away? Pass.

      Thanks dude. When I heard how much a friend’s husband was making (he went back to school to become a doctor), I honestly flirted with the idea of taking classes and then the MCAT. Then I got real.

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