I’m Here.

In case you did or didn’t notice, I’ve not been around a whole lot lately.

I’ve got a ton to say but haven’t really had the time or energy to put it into words.  I haven’t felt witty or fun and I’ve kind of questioned the whole point of blogging (gasp!).

Anyway, thanks to the words of my lovely friend Michelle, here I am.  I miss my blogging friends and reading and commenting.  I haven’t even been on Pinterest lately! Although I have found a new time suck: Draw Something. If you haven’t checked it out, it’s hilarious.

Now that I have a minute to breathe again without the craziness of an extremely hectic work YEAR, I am trying to make some time to get back to a routine.  Blogging, running, reading. The usual stuff that I do for me but tend to put on the back burner because there are always 100 more things to do.

Despite another double ear infection for the baby girl, everyone is doing great.  We’re gearing up for lots of visitors this month and looking forward to it. Maybe I’ll actually break out the camera and take some pictures. And I won’t lose the memory stick this time!  (Christmas FAIL by me).

AND John Mayer has a new single out tomorrow. Yeehaw! Someone will be getting up early to download it before work tomorrow.  My replacement iPod Nano came in the mail last week so I can actually listen to it at work on a device that I actually get to use! Apple technology is pretty popular at my house, and it won’t be long before we’re having to fight Allie for it too.

So that’s about it. Enough random for ya in one place?

Stay tuned!


10 thoughts on “I’m Here.

  1. Missed you sweet friend. Kinda of wondered the same thing about blogging lately. Glad everyone is doing well. And I heard the single taking the boys to MMO today and totally thought of you

  2. I have so missed you friend. Sorry about the ears. We have three infected ears in our house right now as well. I am not a good blogger either. Life is just…busy. I have not received my replacement yet. Weird right? Is it a new nano or the old one? I am wondering where mine is? I wonder how I find out what is going on with it?

  3. Well if John Mayer doesn’t get your creative juices churning, I don’t know what will! Adore you and your bloggy blog, my friend. I am happy you’re getting your mojo back.

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