Stuff I’m Loving.

Thanks to Michelle from So Wonderful, So Marvelous for the idea!

1)  Spotify.  Ahhhh. I love Spotify.  Luckily I got in on it before you had to sign up with Facebook.  You know me and my hate that Mark Zuckerberg is taking over the world and makes you sign in to everything with Facebook.  Anyway, with Spotify, you can listen to entire albums uninterrupted (well minus a few commercials).  You can make playlists and even share them with friends.  But beware. If you are connected via Facebook, check your settings unless you want the world knowing you just listened to the Mariah Carey Christmas album, or Justin Bieber. Just saying. You can also listen on the go because they have great apps for Apple and Android.  I love it.  Which leads me to #2.

2)  John Mayer– “Any Given Thursday“.  What the hell kind of John Mayer lover am I that I’ve never listened to that album all the way through??!? Just because it has the same songs as about 4 other albums doesn’t mean they’re remotely similar. I love me some live John Mayer the most.  Spotify rectified my error and let me listen to the whole album. I’ll be downloading it on Amazon.

3) Hefty Odor Block trash bags.  Lame, I know. But I’m the House CEO and these things are awesome.  We don’t produce a whole lot of trash since we recycle so much, so the food we put in there gets stinky and we end up throwing away the bag before we need to.  Seriously these bad boys work.

4)  Running. It’s really good for the soul. Really.  Also? I’ve returned to my old Brooks shoes now that it’s getting chilly.  The increased support and the fact that I’m wearing socks while running has actually been not so bad.

5) Peanut butter, banana, and apple butter sandwiches. When I need a quick energy boost before a run, these do the job. They are super tasty. Perfect with coffee for breakfast on the way to work.

6) Blogs.  Seriously, I don’t know what I’d do without my blogging world.  I’m constantly inspired.  I’ve been reminded to be kind to every soul out there.  And it’s the little things like text messages or emails that remind me that a friend “in the computer” is truly just a friend you haven’t gotten the chance to meet yet.

What are you loving lately?


6 thoughts on “Stuff I’m Loving.

  1. Funny – I’ve been loving your writing lately – so this post comes, just in time 🙂

    I’m loving the fact that this is a three-day-work-week. I need a little time off.

    • Thanks dude, that means a lot. Because lately I feel like the gas is running out and I’m running on fumes. So much I want to say but so much I’m holding back so instead I write fluff.

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