Candy for Breakfast.

Halloween seems like it was ages ago. We didn’t go trick or treating for more than 20 minutes, so luckily we didn’t end up with 15 pounds of candy, and seeing as how the little heathens in the neighborhood cleaned us out, we weren’t left with tons of candy.

But ever the resourceful girl that I am, I tried to figure out how to use up the goods. We’re mean mama and daddy and Ava only gets a piece a night. This means there is a lot left, we can only eat so much, ourselves.

Cue last Saturday morning and I thought of the ever-wise Leah, aka Walmart Gourmet. She had mentioned chopping chocolate into pancakes a while back. Genius. I grabbed the pancake mix, milk, and some mini Hershey’s bars. Five minutes later and breakfast was served.

It’s quick and easy. Just use your favorite pancake mix, add milk because everything is way more awesome with milk rather than water. Chop your favorite candy into the mix, using as much or little as you’d like. If you have a lot of candy to move, feel free to be generous. *wink*

notice the pinterest halloween mummy Hershey’s bar? Awesome gift Ava got from her creative aunt. She’s a pinterest winner.

Cook making sure not to burn them. A non-stick pan is ideal, because dare I say it (forgive me Paula Deen) but you probably don’t want to use butter on the pan to avoid burning.

Yum. Enjoy. And don’t forget, since it’s pancakes, it’s a totally legit breakfast. Just serve it with some milk, a slice of orange, and a few strips of bacon and you’ve covered all your breakfast bases.


You’re welcome.


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