Working with Style {My Baby’s Cute}

I’m featured over at Liberating Working Moms today, so go check me out to hear about my thoughts on how I am a recovering pony-tail-aholic hair as an important part of my style.  Don’t forget to link up so you can share your tips and style!

It’s casual Friday, my favorite day of the week because I can wear jeans without guilt.  And of course, because it’s finally Friday.  I even wore my kid today!  Kidding, I just broke her out of baby jail to take her on a lunch date to Wendy’s.

seriously, she makes any outfit way cuter. see that baby side-eye? she's a law dog in training.

sweater: Target
shirt: Target (gah I shop there a lot, huh?)
jeans: Banana Republic (of course)
not pictured: cute snake print shoes from JCPenney that take the outfit from uber prep to just a bit sassier


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