Working With Style: “Fashion Show.”

It’s already Saturday? It felt like the week would never end!  As always, I find myself trying to put more thought into my outfits because “oooh is this picture worthy for WWS?”

I use the term “fashion show” loosely because, well, I’m not that fashionable.  My closet is a far cry from the stuff I pin on Pinterest.  But I did decide that if I added a piece or two monthly, I could slowly revitalize my work attire.

I dressed up legit one day this week. And by legit, I mean I wore a skirt, a cardigan and heels. I had a meeting at another agency and I wanted to look sharp.  Then the next day?  I have no clue what I wore because I didn’t take any pictures.

Thursday I had an early casual Friday and made the party even more casual on Friday when I wore a school shirt from my alma mater.  At least I tried to make it more stylish by wearing python print flats. They’re stylish, right?

And yes, I rarely ask people to take my picture. I prefer to go all ninja and do it myself in the bathroom and pray no one sees me taking a picture of myself. Because that’s super lame.  No, I do not take pictures of myself and post them on Facebook.

from left to right:
1.  t hat’s my bag lady sweater. it’s the warm weather friend of the pink cardigan i always wear.  necklace? vintage from the 80s courtesy of my mom.  also, the pants? from target. probably from about 3 years ago.
2.  dress up day. i actually wore nice black calvin klein heels with that. but this was on my way to daycare, flats required.  i’ve been running, see my flexing the calves? ::ha!::
3. what happened to wednesday? i have no idea.
4.  see how fancy you can make jeans look? i looked totally legit when i wore the heels.  too bad i mostly wore flats.
5. casual friday. my banana republic jeans are back. that’s Southern Methodist University, fyi. Go Mustangs.

Don’t forget to link up your Working With Style post!  Happy weekend!


5 thoughts on “Working With Style: “Fashion Show.”

  1. Hi Jess. I’m Jess too. I just found your blog and love that you talk about what it’s like to be a working mom. I’m not a mom yet (but I do work quite a bit!) and I think the voice of the working mother can be underrepresented in the blogging world. Nice to meet you!

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