At least it’s not Monday.

Yall, yesterday I felt beat down! Not sure why.  I took a break from running last night.  I called it my rest day since I long ran on Sunday. Psh. Rest day.  Seeing as how the previous weeks have pretty much been rest days with a day or two of running peppered in, not so much.  I thought I was actually doing pretty well running 6.25 miles, then I saw my schedule.  I should have run 8 last weekend. Oops.

I’ve got a ton on the agenda, I even made a to do list last night so I could happily cross stuff off when it gets accomplished.  So please excuse the brain dump.

Stuff I’m loving.

1.  Pinterest.  I’ve become an addict.  But not a raging on there every 5 seconds addict.  But when I need to make something or cook something, I go to Pinterest to tell me how.  Google say what?  Food. Crafts.  Pretty clothes I’ll probably never get to a store and actually buy (mom guilt, *gasp* spending money on myself? The horror).

look who’s on Pinterest now!  My butter hero who taught me the error of my ways in using that crappy butter spread. Stupid talking tub of “butter”.  You my dear, are no stick of butter.  note: I unfollowed her “light” cooking pins. because seriously? she’s paula deen–i’m not looking for healthy.

Source: via Paula on Pinterest


2.  Coffee.  I was drinking cokes way too much when pregnant with Allie. don’t worry, never more than the allotted amount. They were delish.  Now I drink coffee like a grown up. Even the stuff that isn’t made of delicious soy vanilla milk from Starbucks. Plain old $0.59 cafeteria coffee. Desperate times, desperate measures friends.  Lesson learned today: a taco + small coffee = $2.

3.  Crock pot. Oh mah gah. Love that thing. J actually laughed when he asked what was for dinner and I told him steaks.  In the crock pot.  But they were damn good and no one laughed after that.  note: he only laughed because I’ve used the crock pot like 4 of the last 8 meals.

4.  The “New Kids on the Block” station on Pandora.  It started as a joke to Lisa.  Then I tried it.  I should have cranked that stuff yesterday, there would have been no funk hanging around, just sheer awesome.  What’s on the channel besides Hanging Tough, you ask?  Bell Biv Devoe, Paula Abdul, Bonnie Tyler, Boyz II Men.  note: NKOTBSB is NOT a win. it’s an uncool attempt at being an awesome boy band that NKOTB and Nysnc were, but it’s just a bunch of old dudes trying to make money.

Stuff I’m planning.

1.  To read Steve Jobs biography.  I saw a 60 Minutes piece with his biographer and was intrigued.  He reminds me of Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook).  Maybe genius people just have personality issues?  I’ll report back on that later.

2. White Rock Half Marathon in Dallas on December 4.  I’m crazy like that.  Then after?  Probably 3M Half Marathon with the Proper Paige herself, here in Austin.

3.  Blogher12. It is on.  I’m buying the ticket next month.  Merry Christmas to me.  All you favorites of mine?  You better be there and you better be ready to hang out.

Um, I can’t really think of much else.  Baby steps, people.  The fact that I’ve got 2 things on the calendar for 2012 is pretty impressive.

It’s almost Wednesday, which means it’s almost Friday, which means it’s almost Halloween!


2 thoughts on “At least it’s not Monday.

  1. I saw half of that 60 minute piece and I want to read the Jobs bio now too.

    I hope you have fun at BlogHer12. Be prepared for parties. Sign up early for any that you want to go to.

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