Jess’s Favorite Things

I’ve had a great week this week and I thought I’d share a few of my favorite things (in no particular order).
*Cuddly time with Juan and Ave watching tv and snacking
*A nice relaxing walk around Target with Ave
*A wonderful “romantic” dinner with Juan (whether at a fancy restaurant or just a bed picnic)
*A great pen
*Red velvet cupcakes from Hey Cupcake (my new addiction)
*Sticky rice with mango from Thai Passion on Congress
*Lash blast mascara (thanks Oprah’s Favorite Summer Things!)
*Yummy migas from the little cafe place next door
*Teriyaki chicken and veggies with white rice from Sarku Japan in Barton Creek
*Great music (John Mayer, Augustana, and more, plus all the little finds Brandon and I make), and an iPod to put it on
*Gap body spray (such a nice refresher in this Austin heat & humidity)
*Clinique lipstick
*Gorgeous, beautiful smelling flowers–but not plain old roses
*Excedrin tension headache and Excedrin Migraine (ahhh sweet relief)
*Altoids peppermint gum
*Coach purses (ahhh my sweet vice–luckily my husband indulges me every so often)
*A good gossip rag to veg out on
*A great book by Marian Keyes
*A great head-clearing run
*Wet Ones hand antibac wipes
*Tim Horton donuts and breakfast sandwiches (Vancouver I miss you!!)
*Starbucks Peppermint Mocha Lattes (but making do with White Chocolate till the holidays)
*Black and white pics from my Canon camera (although I’m hoping for a Rebel this Christmas)
*Great episodes of REAL reality tv (i.e. Deadliest Catch, Miami Ink, LockUp, documentaries)
*Giordano’s Pizza (Chicago)
*Bojangles chicken sandwiches (hmm…I think I really just love food in general)
*Down Home with the Neelys–new fav cooking show
*My beautiful earrings 🙂
*Movado watches
*Havaianas flip flops
*Finishing a race (next up: San Antonio Rock n Roll Half Marathon in November)
*Half/half sweet tea
*Nice cool sheets and a great pillow
*Ruidoso, NM
*Weekend getaways to College Station
*A great French pedicure and manicure from Indulgence (Dallas)
*Haircuts at Michael Raymond Salon (Aveda-Dallas)
*My fave tv shows (Grey’s, Golden Girls, Gossip Girl-guilty pleasure)
I’m sure I’ll be adding to this list periodically.

What do YOU have to say?

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