An “Oy” Kind of Day

Well what a day yesterday. Started off by being misquoted (offers bad advice from our office–specifically from ME–advice that I did not give) in a newspaper. My first official misquote. Fun. Thank goodness my name wasn’t used. Stressing out about that.

Then the people who came to see our house for the second showing “didn’t like the subdivision.” Uh, sirs, the subdivision hasn’t changed since the last time you were there. Double sigh. But we had another showing with other potential buyers later that day, so I guess that’s good.

Then, we went to Ava’s ENT (ear nose throat) appointment which had been scheduled about 3-4 weeks ago, only to find out a) she’s got another ear infection [5th since Valentine’s!!!] and b) she needs to get tubes. They did a hearing test which was scary! We sat in a little room and sounds would come from the right or left. Ava turned and looked at the first few, then as the sounds got lower and weird, she stopped turning. I was like OMG she can’t hear these low sounds!!! Phew, no not the case. Lol. You know me, gotta freak out when it comes to my babe! Anyway, the lady said that although I couldn’t see, Ava was looking side to side with her eyes and would also blink at the lady. Goofball.

The long term affects are not substantial, and the tubes will fall out in 10-12 months. He said that 80% of kids don’t need tubes again. It’s a 5minute procedure and she’ll get gas to put her under, but she’ll be right out and she could even be sent to school later that day (but what kind of meanie could do that?!) I’m definitely taking the day off. But he said she’s for sure good to go to school the next day.*sigh* I’ll be scheduling the surgery for sometime in the next 2 weeks (pending what they have open) so hopefully she’ll stop having these every month!

Oh well, at least I got to come home early and hang with my piggies. We had a nice relaxing evening of spaghetti, Ugly Betty & Grey’s Anatomy which is always nice.


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