Little Blessings.

I haven’t talked about this in ages, which was just in passing when I said it, but I teach Sunday school. Crazy right? Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, because my mom used to teach and she started the Children’s Liturgy program at our church. (when the kids go hear the readings on their … Continue reading

She is Me

My baby is getting older. But she’s just not a baby anymore. Every night, I put her to bed and we say prayers and I get sad, every night. I look at her and don’t see the baby face I used to. I don’t see the little girl in the little pajamas under the flowery … Continue reading

The Little Place I Forgot

I used to write here. A lot. This blog used to be a lot of things to me. It started as just a place to write about the random things Ava did. Then it morphed into, I’m not sure what. Then I got caught up in watching all the “big kid bloggers” and I thought … Continue reading

I’m a Pinterest Winner!

Before we get started:  I’m not going to post any recipes here because it drives me NUTS when people blog and say “oh I just got this recipe from so-and-so but I modified it” (and therefore it is implied that it’s modified so much that it is now their own).  Then they proceed to lay … Continue reading

Be Inspired.

Recently, a friend posted this on a forum and I loved it. Danielle LaPorte has a ton of these amazing #TruthBombs. Check out her website for more. Be inspired by the one that speaks to you. But for now, read this one. We forget this as women. I’m incredibly guilty of NOT practicing self care … Continue reading

Why you need to see American Sniper

We went out last night and saw American Sniper. Wow. All I could leave the theater saying, was wow. I knew the movie was about a soldier (actually he’s a sailor, to be precise) who had the most recorded kills in history. I was uninformed and didn’t know the full story.  I won’t share it all … Continue reading

Friday v.2

Yeah so I missed a Friday. But here I am. What a week! I had #satansstomachbug and it was horrible. I was sick from Monday till mostly Thursday morning when I finally ate. I even gave up and went to urgent care on Wednesday because I realized I hadn’t had any water (or food-oatmeal) since … Continue reading

Friday v.1

I’m gonna try this thing where I sum up my week and how my healthy aspirations are going. So here’s Friday v.1.  So apparently everyone on my Instagram feed is starting the Whole30. I won’t even pretend that I’m jumping on that bandwagon because, have you met me? It’s enough that I’m shooting for not … Continue reading

Project Lifestyle. v2015

I’m not one for resolutions. I never have been. I scoff at the people who flood the gyms after January 1, and when I was a member, I used to get annoyed when they would take over my machines and watch as they fell like flies as the weeks passed. But I do believe in … Continue reading

The Sign

I was never really a person to believe in signs. I’m still not. I think I try to pull for straws though when it comes to signs and my mom. I pick up pennies whenever I see them and call them “pennies from heaven” and consider them my mom’s way to say hi. Usually I … Continue reading